Second Generation Stories | The British Indian Project
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The Project

The British Indian project aims to capture stories from the British Indian Community in the Black Country, a key settlement for Indian and other migrants, in the UK.  It’s a snapshot of a largely untold story. A story about a generation who developed, endured and forged a path that would become a blueprint for future generations.


This is an extraordinary generation. They have grown up pioneers. Developed in an unfamiliar British culture, one that their parents knew little about. One where they have had to blend their parent’s Indian culture with a British one and create a hybrid. They wanted to please their parents and their peers.  Meet their own needs and those of their family and friends. This often led to struggle and conflict but also sometimes created a more resilient individual.


Get Involved


If you’re interested in getting involved in this project, there are two ways in which you can:


1. You can Volunteer to help us collect these stories


2. You can participate and tell us your story.