Second Generation Stories | Volunteer
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Volunteer & collect stories

Volunteer 2

Why it’s important to┬ávolunteer

We need to capture the stories of British Indians to start developing a bigger picture that they have played in society, how they have developed and how they coped and are coping with life.


The project is important because it begins to capture the views of a generation who developed, endured and forged a path that would become a blueprint for future generations.


Without you, it would take a lot longer to capture these stories.


Volunteering – What you will get out of it


We know that your contribution is important. So, in return, we can offer you the following:


1. WordPress website development


2. Documentary photography by Outroslide


3. Video capture


4. Oral Histories training – How to capture valuable stories


5. Archive Training – How to use archives


6. Travel expenses reimbursed


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