Second Generation Stories | Participate
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Participate & tell us your story

Participate 2

Why it’s important to participate


There are few projects that focus on the lives and contributions of British Indians. These stories are an important legacy for current and future generations. They are important because they are a snapshot of a particular place in a particular time. These stories become especially important when people become inquisitive about their heritage, their culture and themselves.




We want you to be a part of this landmark project. A project which celebrates the contributions of the second generation.  The way it works is:


1. You get in touch to share your story


2. We’ll arrange a time suitable for us to come over and capture your story. We will either use video or a voice recorder.  If your not comfortable in-front of the camera, don’t worry, we’ll use a voice recorder.


We will also take some photographs to document your story, which you can also get copies of.


What happens to your recording?


Your recording will be presented on this website as a resource for other to view or listen to.  It will also be stored at the Sandwell archives for people to come in and do the same.


Get in touch